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A1 Hawk Inc. is a pawn shop and has been serving Oregonians who need money quickly and without hassles‚ whether via a sale of goods or a pawn transaction‚ since 1989.
We buy your unwanted gold or silver as well as rare coins, objects of art, diamond jewelry, and much more at all our stores. If you need money today, bring in your valuable items to pawn or sell to one of our Buy Sell Loan stores. Credit checks are unnecessary and in a matter of minutes you’ll walk out with cash in your pocket. We are located in Portland and Gladstone. Our friendly, honest, and expertly trained staff awaits you. Come see why we have a reputation for treating our customers like gold!


A-1 Hawk INC

State Licensed Pawnbroker

License #PB-0302 #PB-301 #PB-314


We have 3 stores located in different places to get closer to you

Division St.Phone: 503-760-0700 / 503-760-9300
Stark St.Phone: 503-252-6000 / 503-257-9758
Gladstone.Phone: 503-656-0000 / 503-656-7002