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We carry diamond rings, gemstone rings, birthstone rings, and gold and silver rings. We have an excellent selection of rings for all occasions, whether it be something as special as an engagement or as everyday as a gift for you or a loved one.


Browse our selection of pendant and gold chain necklaces. We have special deals for necklaces, including a large variety under $25. Our unique pieces are appraised by local, certified jewelry appraisers.

You’ll find the best deals in Portland on quality rings, necklaces, and earrings, including gemstone and birthstone jewelry.


A1 Hawk has a large variety of gemstone, birthstone, silver and gold earrings. We have stunning earrings studs, hoops, and pendant earrings. We even feature a special selection of affordable earrings at prices.


We have watches for both men and women. Our inventory includes a wide variety of styles –from premium wristwatches to classic pocket watches.